Tuesday, February 5, 2013


"But Mumbly Peg -- you ever heard of that? You take your pocket knife, open the blade and you put a board up. And normally they had three or four of these little picketed shelters over some family graves, sometimes there’d be four family graves underneath that shelter. And they’d get an old board off the old school building that was out at the edge of the woods, the old school that a storm had turned over and about half-way tore up. They’d turn that board over and they’d put a round circle in it and they’d stand back and hold the blade of that knife and stick it into that circle. And the one that was able to put maybe one or three shots in that circle would be the winner. Russell and Dorcy Carter, Old Man Sam Carter's kids, they went to school to my dad, and they played Mumbly Peg. And they all were going at that time. And Russell Carter was at least 17 if he wasn’t 18 at that very time. Little John Eaves was a guy that went to school to my dad and played it. Come on, Little John, it’s time for you to take your turn! Then there was Owen and Odell Stubblefield, who were twins. They were going to school there. And Roy E. McClung, who married my sister Eloise’s sister-in-law, Johnny Widener’s sister. And they lived there in Bremen, worked there for Sewell as long as he ever worked..." -- T.J. Latham

More about Mumbly Peg here.

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