Tuesday, February 5, 2013

'She Wanted Her to Live at Home'

"Mama worked for Daddy in a mill over here at Bremen. He was a fixer. They sent Daddy down to Bremen, to the Draper Loom Company — you know, that textile mill there in Bremen. They sent Daddy down there for some reason, from Acworth. My mama was working there as a weaver in the weave room. And Daddy, well, if you was a loom fixer you was sort of like a lead man today or a supervisor, because they was in charge of their department. So actually he was probably her supervisor.
"I think the first time he was introduced was up at Uncle Corbitt's house. That's what made Grandma resentful to Daddy — my Grandma Hudgins on my mother's side. It was because Uncle Corbitt introduced Daddy to Mama at Aunt Lizzie's house." -- Denver Bishop

"Grandma just didn't want Mama to be remarried. She wanted her to live at home." -- Mildred Bishop Munroe

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