Sunday, February 17, 2013

'No Freezers at that Time'

“Our food, we canned it. There wasn’t no freezers at that time. We’d put the corn in the barn. We’d put beans and peas in barn. Put them in cans or glass fruit jars. Mason jars.” -- Carl Bishop

"In the summertime if you didn't have a spring you kept the milk in the well to keep it cool, or in a storm cellar if you had one under the house. You didn't have no ice. I mean, maybe sometimes, maybe once a year somebody would go to town an get a chunk of ice and make ice cream on a Saturday night. But that was the only ice we seen.
"I heard, and it's still on the books in the Mountain View Church, that there was two men back in my daddy's younger days who left here and went to South Georgia, and said they seen ice in the summertime. An when they come back they was telling it all through the community, that they had seen a plant that made ice — that people had made ice! And they turned them out of Mountain View Church. It's still on record. They turned them out for lying, because didn't nobody believe them! You know, they seen ice in the summertime!" -- Denver Bishop

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