Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Of Little Value'

The history of mining in Haralson County pivots on three major operations which were located here: The Tallapoosa (Waldrop) Copper Mine near Draketown, The Reed's Mountain Pyrite Mine near Bremen, and the Tallapoosa Gold Mine just south of that city. A few other minor prospects were scattered throughout the county, but there three were the largest and most important in Haralson County.
Part of what was called "Copper excitement" was started by a discovery made by Elisha Brooks while plowing on property ... on the western edge of Draketown. At that time Draketown was known by the name of Long Leaf Post Office. Brooks turned up some bright yellow granular material which burned when thrown into the fire.
He took a specimen to Villa Rica where prospecting for copper was being done. A sample was later sent to Tennessee. The immediate result was that an influx of prospectors and promoters from the Tennessee Deposits came to Haralson. Hopes of another Ducktown, Tennessee flourished and the name of the little village where the tall, long-leaf pine grew in front of the post office was changed to Draketown.
...The operation was short-lived...
With the discovery of gold in Dahlonega, interest in mining spread. Searches were made for gold in Haralson County, but few good veins were found. The pyrite deposits were explored for containing significant amounts of gold, but they, too, proved of little value.
--from the History of Haralson County, published by the Haralson County Historical Society in 1983, p. 23

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