Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Page From the Latham Family Bible

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Henry Latham was born on the 20 day of Nov. 1808.
Vasty C. Latham was born on 22nd day of September 1817.
Abijah Boggess Latham was born on the 10th day of March 1836.
Caraline Amanda Latham was born on 28 day of August 1837.
Thomas Simon Latham was born on 3rd day of March 1839.
Martha Jane Latham was born on 13 day of Dec. 1842.
Farris Carter Latham was born the 23rd day of Jan. 1844.
Mary Susan Latham was born 31st day of Jan. 1848.
John Tazwell Latham was born 15th day of Dec. 1848.
Vasty Catharine Latham was born 29 day of Nov. 1849.
Virginia Adalade Latham was born on the 31st day of November 1853.
Ellen Adelia Latham was born 1st day of May 1855.
Robert Davie Latham was born August 14 1857 – three years old when moved.
Ector Brooks Latham son of A. B. and Fronie B. Latham was born on the 1st of June 1864.
Neta D. Latham Daughter of A. B. Latham & F. B. Latham was born on 3rd of Oct 1866.
Willie Abb Latham son of A. B. and F. B. Latham was born April 15th of 1869.
Mary Ella Paine Daughter of Joseph F. & Amanda C. Paine was born on Oct. 25 1867. Died Oct. the 10 1868.
Zula Aldura Philpot Philpot Daughter of Joseph & Jennie Philpot was born Dec. 20 1871. Died December 22nd 1893.

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