Monday, January 28, 2013

Play Purties

"We didn't have nothing to play with. No toys or nothing like that, you know. Well, we played out in the yard. We played in the sand. We played with blocks. You know, pushed blocks and made trails with them. Like cars were running. 'Cause you know cars were very few, at that time. We'd make little trains. Hook the blocks together and make them look like a little train. Somebody would fix it for us, you know, Daddy would.
"We'd get under the house and make trails and go all around on our knees. We'd play under the house a lot. They weren't underpinned like they are now. They was up off of the ground."-- Carl Bishop
Play under the house -- if the Devil don't find you there -- in W. Jeff Bishop's upcoming novel, A Cold Coming.

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